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Channel Strategy workshop

Are Your Distribution Channels Generating Enough Growth?


of Fortune 500 commercial leaders say they are unhappy with the pace of growth and share gain through their channel partners.

For over two decades, CSA Channel Strategy Workshops have educated and enabled senior management teams to break from old distribution paradigms and embrace powerful, multi-channel routes-to-market that drive new differentiation and accelerated revenue growth. Executive participants learn to rethink how to make end-customer focused offline and online distribution channels a dynamic and essential part of business strategy. Company leaders take with them a new energy, aligned around ways to pursue—jointly and collaboratively—the core management discipline of effective channel stewardship. Each workshop provides a balanced blend of executive education and practical application, engaging attendees by demonstrating how charting a vision and path forward leads to new levels of channel-led growth.

Distribution Strategy for the Real World


While each program is customized to specific industry challenges and each company situation, the typical two-day CSA Channel Strategy Workshop is a blend of executive learning, small-group work, case study discussion, and tangible action-planning around the four mission-critical aspects of high-impact channel strategy:

Truth on the Wall

Focusing Channel Strategy on the End-Customer

  • Understanding the customer’s entire online and offline journey
  • How to focus channels on improved end-customer experiences
  • Defining the hierarchy of experience trade-offs customers make
  • Translating end-customer needs into actionable channel segments

Channel Audit

High-Payoff Performance Gaps in the Current System

  • How end-customer experience needs relate to channel behavior
  • Quantifying current channel performance gaps in the industry
  • Cycle of Doom – the economics of channel commoditization
  • Prioritizing and targeting channel improvement opportunities

Channel Design Lab

Creating a Multi-Channel Path to Market

  • Dividing labor in delivering elements of improved customer experience
  • Developing next generation partner business models for market success
  • Achieving coverage through a balanced omni-channel portfolio
  • Determining the role of digital marketing and eCommerce

Channel Management Bootcamp

Executing for Profitable Channel Growth

  • Connecting channel compensation and incentives with customer satisfaction
  • How to build trust and increase channel partner commitment to growth
  • Leveraging smart power and influence for healthy channel relationships
  • Ways to reduce growth-dampening channel conflict and loyalty threats

A Structured AND Balanced Environment


channel-photo-rick-hands-1On average, executive teams in a CSA Channel Strategy Workshop develop strategy in the four key channel growth modules for a total of about six to eight hours of intense workshop activity per day (schedules vary). Breaks are ample, and allow time for digital reconnection and relaxed discussion. The workshop flows between well-timed learning sessions, small-group work, and full management team discussions.


We structure the CSA Channel Strategy Workshop to foster collaboration across management team leaders from various functions and starting positions. Workshop activity is carefully designed to encourage leadership development and strategy alignment inside the workshop and beyond. As a result, newly created channel action and commitment continues long after the program ends. Senior leaders develop analytical skills and channel strategy methodologies that guide them in leveraging channels to more effectively and efficiently deliver fresh, market-leading customer experience improvements. They target improvements that set their company apart in the marketplace. They create a portfolio of channels that maximizes profitability for themselves and key partners, and drives greater end-customer satisfaction, adoption, and evangelism.

  • Channel Structure
  • Customer Needs
  • Segment Difference
  • Performance Gaps
  • Optimal Design
  • Channel Management
  • Performance Management
  • Compensation Management
  • Monitoring and Enforcement
  • Conflict Management

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