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About Chicago Strategy Associates™

Successful growth in rapidly evolving markets requires senior leaders to accelerate strategy development and mobilize for action. We facilitate this process drawing on our depth of expertise, working in partnership with our clients to build high-performance go-to-market systems.

Turning Distribution Channels into Growth Engines

More and more, the critical last mile of the customer experience is controlled by a system of independent channel partners. When it comes to visibility and value-added services with your end-customers, are you gaining ground, or losing it?

Chicago Strategy Associates helps companies audit, design, and manage high-performing distribution channel systems that gain ground, and then hold it. Whether you’re looking for a turnkey channel strategy recommendation, fresh marketplace insights, or senior leadership alignment, we have the expertise, methodology, collaborative style, and analytical horsepower to get it done.

Working Collaboratively

In this new omni-channel age, reliance on commoditized customer channel experiences means profitability becomes marginality overnight. Forward-looking growth companies proactively work instead to improve their distribution system as a whole.

At CSA, we engage our partners with small crews of highly seasoned, analytically sound consultants. Our style is collaborative and interactive, and we fervently believe that frank discussion and fresh perspective are the most effective path to sustainable, energetic, profitable, and pre-emptive changes.

Creating Unique Customer Experiences

Our approach to channel strategy helps company leaders leave history behind, suspend conventional wisdom, and begin the distribution design journey with a blank slate. Not starting with the constraints of existing legacy distribution systems encourages fresh customer-driven outcomes.

  • Step 1: Put truth on the wall. Create a list of specific elements in a renewed channel experience closer to the desires of end-customers.
  • Step 2: Design the ideal channel. Deliver on new channel experiences, adjust for company core competencies and relevant constraints.
  • Step 3: Finalize an optimal system. Profitably move the existing channel system closer to customer nirvana than the competition.

Our clients describe The CSA Way as a journey of powerful, fresh insights, intense market focus, renewed emphasis on customer value delivery, senior leader alignment, and increased partner engagement.